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    I am the mother of a 14 month old who is still nursing, although she has begun to wean and it is more of a comfort/night time thing. She eats solids and drinks soy milk (which just seems to be her preference over cow's milk, no allergies) with no problems. I want to begin a training routine which includes vigorous weight lifting and as a result, will include taking whey protein powder on a daily basis, but before I begain that aspect of training, I wanted to know if it is okay to do while nursing. I don't want to harm her in any way or cut our relationship short if it isn't.

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    I take hemp protein powder mixed with almond milk when I work out. I would think whey would be okay, too, as long as it's straight whey protein. I wouldn't drink the things that my husband drinks...with taurine and chemicals and other weird stuff that he reads about in his Men's Health magazines! I'm not an expert on recovery after weight lifting, and he tries to explain to me all the great things about his supplements, so there may be more to it than I know about. But there are lots of ways to up your protein intake beyond the supplements, too. I'm eating tons of trail mix as I type this since I just worked out an hour ago.
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    Thanks for the advice! I will look into hemp protein as an option! My main concern is definitely the chemical laden products that are out there and the negative effects they could have on my beeb. As far as trail mixes and such are concerned, I have to be very careful about what types of granola and such I use because of my celiac, but am willing to try most things as long as they are g-free!

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