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Thread: Desperately need help...

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    Sorry for late reply!

    We are doing much better! The LC said that soaking in salty water will help with the yeast infection and cracked nipple... And it did help, my nipple is much better.

    I was also advised to change the position and see if that would help with the latch, we are testing the football position and it seems like it is helping, the nipple is not so flat anymore. She is sometimes still fussing but not as often as before!

    Also as I mentioned I have started to drink the mothers milk and taking the fenugreek and it is working like a charm... I don't offer her bottle anymore but I still pump around 11 pm( as she sleeps usually until 3 or 4 am now) I am able to get 3 oz from each breast easily. Just seeing that made me relax more and that probably helped to...

    Thank you again for the advice!!! It really helped me to get through this....

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    awesome!! this is all great news!
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