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Thread: got my period - is this normal?

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    Default got my period - is this normal?


    I thought I had read that exclusively breastfeeding moms don't get their periods for a while after having their baby. My LO will be 10 weeks tomrorow and I got my period today. Is this normal or ok?

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    Default Re: got my period - is this normal?

    Normal and okay. Fertility returns at varying times, depending on the individual. Some moms get their fertility back right away, most go months without getting a period, and at the other extreme end of the spectrum, there are some moms who won't get their fertility back for years, until their babies are nearly or completely weaned. So while 10 weeks is early to have your period return, it's definitely not unheard of.

    Are you currently using contraception? If you're not, now is the time to start- or to get used to the idea of having babies who are very closely spaced! If you are using contraception, and it's hormonal contraception, this might not be your period, but rather breakthrough bleeding related to the contraceptive.

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    Default Re: got my period - is this normal?

    My LO was 18 months before I got my period back. Much like every baby is different, every mom is different
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    I also had bleeding at 10 weeks which I assumed was my period. I had bleeding about 26 days after that again and I haven't had any bleeding since. My son is now 5 months and I'm sure I'm not pregnant.

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    Default Re: got my period - is this normal?

    I too got my period back early. Boy was I disappointed, but I try to look at it as though my body does a superb job of healing/regulating itself . It was also nice because I was having such problems with oversupply and getting my period seemed? to help tame this down? Now my lo doesn't fuss so much when comfort nursing. Downside is having pms while trying to get used to little lo and just finally feeling like the hormones were finally settling down lol. Not to mention just trying to get to the bathroom in the first place!
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