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Thread: Will it get better? Posterior tongue tie & high arch palate

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    Default Will it get better? Posterior tongue tie & high arch palate

    I am currently EBF my 12 week old. It has been an awful adventure after a very straightforward feeding experience with my first. I had severe cracking and bleeding nipples in the first week which followed with 5 bouts of mastitis all requiring antibiotics. The last was at 8 weeks where I ended up in hospital for 4 days on IV. Noone could figure it out and finally referred me to a special clinic where DD was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie and very high bubble palate. The tt can not be fixed.
    We are using shields to allow her to coordinate her suck. She does not transfer well (hence chronic mastitis) and is struggling to gain weight. Even with shields my nipples are white and sore post feeds and sensitive between. I am feeding her and pumping 4 times a day maintain supply and drain breasts.
    She is not able to work out sucking on a bottle and we have a special needs feeder on its way to top up.
    Searching for positive stories from similar moms. Did it get better when they grew into it?
    How old before it did?
    I hate how challenging this is for both her and me. Add on a 2.5 year old and this has been a rough year!
    Thanks for any comments made.

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    Default Re: Will it get better? Posterior tongue tie & high arch pal

    mama for the rough start, and welcome to the forum!

    My DD had an upper lip tie and a PTT that were lasered at 9 weeks. Although no one diagnosed us with a high palate, I always thought that might be part of it too. Unfortunately, we also had a nasty case of thrush that didn't really clear up until just after she was 4 months. My nipples are still more lipstick shaped now, but it'd WAYYY better than it used to be, and has definitely steadily improved as she is getting bigger. I know that this may not be exactly what you want to hear (I remember thinking 'if someone could just tell me how long this will last, I could deal a little better'), but maybe it'll give you some hope for the future! Why can't the ptt be corrected? Is there a dentist near you that could do it with a laser?

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    Default Re: Will it get better? Posterior tongue tie & high arch pal

    We had posterior tongue tie clipped at 7 weeks but really it didn't improve her ability to transfer milk. She also has a high palate. We had many issues that made the first year really difficult so it's hard for me to say but really things got better around 9-10 mos. Most babies get it much, much sooner though so I don't share that to discourage you. Most babies do get better as they get bigger and stronger. Is she latching on correctly? You can also try a heating pad after nursing for the pain but really it shouldn't hurt if she's latching correctly (although some will disagree with that).
    Nursed my sweet daughter 3 years, 3 mos.

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    Default Re: Will it get better? Posterior tongue tie & high arch pal

    I would seek a second opinion on the tongue tie. If a TT is impacting breastfeeding, then I don't understand why it can't be corrected.

    My firstborn may have had an undetected posterior tie, and she definitely did have an extremely short tongue and a very high palate. That combination literally tore my nipples to shreds, and caused my daughter to have a lot of difficulty transferring milk. I had to supplement with formula, pump, and I did use an at-the-breast supplemental feeder for a while.

    I honestly thought I would never heal and would never, ever enjoy nursing my baby. But i was able to ditch the supplements by 3 months, and at around 5-5.5 months, the cracks suddenly healed. By the time I had been nursing for a year- which was my original goal- I enjoyed nursing so much that I continued to nurse my daughter until her 3rd birthday.

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