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    Hi ladies,
    This is my story. My D's is 5 wks old today. Till wk 2 I was bfeeding him exclusively and his at was just fine. Then I was bedridden since I had lot of pelvic floor issues and could not sit or even sleep on my side. I had to sleep on my tummy for 2 wks 24*7
    Till that time my hubby fed him with formula as there was no way I could be upright or in any position to feed him....

    Sometimes I still tried pumping even though I was in pain, terrible pain....
    Now I m fine and have started feeding him.at every feeding 2 hrs I first feed him. He still looks hungry so we give him 1.5 oz formula. I have told my hubby not to use pacis anymore.... He usually falls asleep @ my bsts but I wake him up and switch sides... He nurses for almost 40 mins. I have started taking milkmaid tea and eating lactation cookies..
    I f I pump then I don't even get 1oz at times. I do not pump after each feeding.
    I m wondering if I have lost my milk ? Also will I be able to bfeed him exclusively ?
    I nurse him every time and then offer him formula. We r seeing lots of wet diapers but since I have started feeding him again dirty diapers are not there every day...
    What can I do to increase my milk ?plz help experts.... What should I do? My insurance isn't great that it will pay lc... So need help
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    It sounds like you have not nursed or pumped much from week 2-5. Is that correct? I was in the same position on one side for about that same timeframe. It is very likely that your supply decreased, but is not gone. You will want to have baby nurse as often as possible to build back your supply. Since your supply is lower now, you will probably need to supplement while you are building up your supply. You will need to pump when baby is having supplements to increase your supply. I know one of the more experienced mommas will chime in with links about weaning from formula. This may be something worth checking in with the LC and/or pediatrician about-think of how much more expensive formula is in the long run!
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    with the PP. this is my go-to link on weaning from formula: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

    ETA: you can definitely get your milk back and go back to nursing exclusivey! Just give it time and patience.

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