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Thread: Stool patterns drastically changed, breastfed 7m

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    Default Stool patterns drastically changed, breastfed 7m

    I have a 7 month old, exclusively breast fed.

    A few weeks ago, my LO had a cold and cough. We let the cold run its course while comforting her with an aspirator and humidifier. Once the runny nose subsided and it was just the cough, she started to have watery stools. She was fussy before going down and seemed to have gas. I gave her some gripe water, which to my dismay, had spoiled. I did not see the mold spores growing through the dark glass bottle until I had put it in her mouth. After a phone call to the ped, then poison control, I was told to make sure her throat was clear and to watch for vomiting and diarrhea, otherwise not to worry. Because she was already having watery stools from what I thought was the cold, I was really unsure what to do and was reassured that I just needed to watch for dehydration. After this event, several days later, two teeth popped through, which I have also heard may cause diarrhea from the excessive amounts of drool. She had a low fever during the cold but has not had one since the runny nose went away.

    I am trying to determine if there is something in my diet that could be causing the watery stools. For several months, she has had one bowel movement a day after her 10am feeding. It barely smells and is typical bm stool. Now, she is having a bowel movement immediately (or 10 min) after every feeding. Every single feeding! They are not very big, some are very watery, others are seedy and runny, but they smell gassy and/or sweet and pungent. There were a few that were slightly green over the weekend.

    I do take probiotics. My Garden of Life Prenatal that I started in January has probiotics in it, but I have been taking 13 billion probiotics from Vitamin Shoppe since my 2nd trimester. Is it possible I am taking too many probiotics?

    She has been fussy before I lay her down but an added nursing session or gripe water calms her down. She never fusses while pushing a bowel movement, she continues to play happily, and grins when she gets it out.

    When and what do I ask the ped for? A stool culture? Or do I continue to let it run its course? Has anyone else experienced this?

    *I'd like to consider solids soon as her weight percentile has dropped significantly from delaying solids until the AAP recommended 6m but I do not think I should add anything while her tummy is upset. Could my milk no longer be fulfilling the nutrient requirements she needs, her body is absorbing every bit of fat, so now all that's left when digested is water? Her sleep habits haven't changed, she is not lethargic, she has a ton of energy, and still a sweet disposition. I have even tried to get her to nurse longer to make sure she is getting enough.

    I apologize for the long novel! Thank you in advance for any advice, opinion, or help you offer.

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    Default Re: Stool patterns drastically changed, breastfed 7m

    How many weeks has it been since your LO was sick? It can take a good long while for the watery stools caused by illness to completely subside- think a few weeks. And then there's the teething- that can cause a baby's stools to look watery and weird. But your kid's stools don't actually sound that weird! Pooping after every single feeding is normal for a baby who isn't yet on solids. Poops that are occasionally watery are normal. Runny poops are normal. Poops that are occasionally green are normal.

    Basically, it sounds like you have a happy, healthy baby, and when you have that, weird poops are just... Weird. Not a big health concern. Not an indication of nursing going poorly. And I can totally understand your fear that your milk is somehow inadequate, but trust me: it's not. As long a baby is fed on demand, breastmilk alone is enough to meet ALL of a baby's nutritional needs until around the first birthday. Until that point, solids are for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills.

    That being said, at this point I would introduce some solids, and I might even start with a food that I wouldn't normally recommend, which is cereal! If your baby is still suffering from a touch of intestinal upset/diarrhea, cereals can slow things down and firm up her poop. Just don't expect her to eat a lot- again, when solids are just for fun it doesn't matter if a baby actually eats them. Start with a teaspoon or two per day, but don't worry if your LO shows little/no interest.

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