So I just found out I'm pregnant a couple of weeks ago and I am in the middle of the throes of first trimester exhaustion and nausea. I haven't thrown up but spent part of last night sleeping on the floor in the bathroom because I was sure I was going to. During this whole process the last couple of days my 17 mo old, who was only nursing in the morning when he woke up and only sometimes before bed now wants to nurse all day. Several times in the morning, at nap time and pretty much any other Time he notices I have boobs. While it is adorable that he asks for "milt peas" and "boobs peas" the demand is overwhelming. I don't want to tandem nurse once the new baby is born so I have roughly 7.5 months to wean him. But I am seriously considering just pulling the plug and supplementing with toddler formula whenever he asks for "milt" because i am physically and emotionally exhausted by the demand of new baby growing, 17 mo old demanding and 3 year old who is a ball of energy. Although to be fair the 3 year old for the most part has been very helpful and understanding and only wants to snuggle when he's not running around which to me is easier than the constant demand of BFing.

Any advice is appreciated!