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Thread: 3 nights away from nursing 2-y-o - first time advice?

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    Default 3 nights away from nursing 2-y-o - first time advice?

    I can't believe it, but I'm finally ready for my first overnight away from my nursing toddler. He'll be staying with his daddy while I'm away on a work trip for 4 days/3 nights.

    Here are the key details, before my questions:

    *DS still nurses heavily through the night and usually at naptimes, plus a few nursing snacks throughout the day.
    *50% of the time, DS nurses to sleep.
    *We co-sleep.
    *He's firmly in the erratic eating zone of toddler-hood. Some days he's a big eater; more often, he's less enthusiastic.
    *I'll be pumping while away; I guess I'll drink the milk myself as I don't think I need to port it all home.

    *Should I pump before leaving and give DH a small stash of fridge milk for bedtime and other snacks? Or will adding some freezer milk work?
    *In your experience, will doing video chats with him while I'm away help or hurt?
    *What else should I know? I'm going to cry that first night away, huh?


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    Default Re: 3 nights away from nursing 2-y-o - first time advice?

    i was away for the same time as you, when ds was 20 months. we had *just* transitioned to not-nursing-all-night. i brought my pump, thinking i'd need to pump a lot but that i'd play it by ear to see when i got full, and i never did, not even once! i did not leave any milk at home either. of course it wouldn't hurt but i don't think it's really necessary and i've got other isht to do than pump ds picked right back up without a beat when i was back. he also nurses to sleep always, and he and DH figured it out while i was away.

    i also found it really great to take a little unisom while i was away ... i'm so used to sleeping with ds that i had a hard time getting to sleep by myself, and that got me some MUCH needed deeper sleep.

    good luck!
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