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    Hello! Please forgive me if anyone has posted about this recently or if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm new . I'm curious to hear from anyone who is nursing or has nursed with rheumatoid arthritis. I'm 38 weeks and planned on nursing but I have not read anything positive. I have an appt with the rheumatologist next week but in the mean time I'm pretty anxious! Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum! IIRC, we have had moms with RA here, but I don't know if any of them are currently active.

    My undemanding is that pregnancy often causes RA to go into remission, and that remission can last for some time following the birth of the baby. How long... Well, you never know. Hopefully longer rather than shorter!

    I know RA can require a mom to take some pretty heavy medications. The Infant Risk Center (http://www.infantrisk.com/) is a great place to double-check the safety of medications you're required to take. Most doctors are underinformed when it comes to the safety of medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and tend to give overcautious advice.

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    I can't thank you enough! There is so much info on the Infant Risk Center website! I feel better already!

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    My mom has RA and while she is decades past nursing I have been begging her to try an anti inflammatory diet for a year. She won't do it. She's on Enbrel and other heavy drugs that make her feel terrible. I know many people who have lessened their suffering from auto immune diseases by going anti inflammatory / no nightshades. I already eat that way (since March 2011) so it'll be interesting to see what does - or doesn't - happen with me.

    I wish you all the best!!
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