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Thread: Co-Sleeping

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    We have a king sized bed so there's always space even when ds and I roll so he's in the middle. Dh never comes near us even being a toss and turner and occasionally taking pain meds. Ds is always tucked into the ' nest' mercy street was talking about but he's so tall now that he puts his legs on top of mine if I'm in fetal position.

    I found this link to Dr. Mckenna's FAQ really interesting and in depth, plus this includes several other co-sleeping advocacy sites. http://www.cosleeping.org/

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    Is there another space that you and the baby can sleep in? I fully support co-sleeping and me and my son slept in another space away from my DH for over 3 years. But I think he is less likely to be convinced if he getting kicked out of his bed. Because then it goes into the pile of sacrifices he had to make so you could breastfeed. So if there is a way it could NOT become that, I would look at it. I don't want you sleeping on the couch with the baby either. But in a bed in another room or buying an inexpensive Futon? Something like that so that co-sleeping doesn't mean your DH gets kicked out of his bed.

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    Yeah, we often employ a variety of strategies once DS comes into bed with us (he usually starts out in his basinet in our room and then comes in sometime in the morning -- 4 or 5?). If DH is sleeping well, DS goes on my side of the bed with my arm around him. If DH is restless, he often decamps to the guest room. Sometimes, I'll take DS to the guest room if DS is fidgety or I can't sleep.

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