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Thread: Train Bottle Fed Baby To Breastfeed?

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    Hi Fellow Mommas!
    My 1yr old has been bottle fed pumped bm since 4mo. due to repeated mastitis and extremely sensitive nipples. She has recently taken an interest in the breast again..weird. She now like to touch, kiss and snuggle with them. Could it be possible to retrain a bottle fed baby to breastfeed? I'd be so excited!!! All the info I've found online has been how to train your bf baby to bottle feed and I'm looking to do the opposite!
    Suggestions? I'm so hopeful!
    Ladybug's Momma

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    Default Re: Train Bottle Fed Baby To Breastfeed?

    Yes, it is possible to get a previously weaned baby to the breast; see http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ for a how-to. It's usually easiest to get a young baby back to nursing, because young babies are instinctively driven to latch and feed. With older babies, there are no guarantees. It may work, or may not. But you'll never know unless you try!

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    She's actually trying! I don't think she even knows why she drawn to it. She was laying by me with her face pressed to my breast and sucking her finger, then she would alternate sticking my nipple in her mouth...she tried to suck but wasn't sure she liked how far back the nipple went..then she would just leave it in her mouth. She bit a few times and drew blood..I tried not to cringe...We'll see..
    Ladybug's Momma

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