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    Smile Would like some advice!!

    I am a soon to be mother of a beautiful daughter and would like to find out more about breastfeeding an adopted baby. Has anyone done this? I want the best for my daughter and seeing she is underweight right now due to being born prematurely, I believe she would do nothing, but benefit her. She is 12 months old and weights only 15 pounds. She does crawl, but does not walk yet. She is behind a little bit on developing.... I think the cause being she was very premature and was neglected by her parents at an early age. I think breastfeeding would not only benefit her, but also help us to bond as mother and daughter! Can anyone give me advice, or tips? She will be coming home by May 10th and I would like to be completely ready for her. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Or if you know of a place I could find out some information about all of the breastfeeding, I would appreciate that as well. thanks!!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Have you ever nursed a baby, or will this be your first attempt? And has the baby ever nursed? Those 2 factors have a lot of impact on what you can expect.

    For information on breastfeeding, I suggest getting a copy of "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". I also suggest taking a look at kellymom.com. Those 2 resources cover most situations.
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    I have never breastfed before and I'm not sure if the baby has or not. She was probably fed breastmilk in the NICU but I'm not sure about from the actual breast. I will take a look at the website you suggested. Thank you!!

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    wow congrats! I strongly suggest reaching out to whatever local breastfeeding support groups there are near you.
    When looking to nurse an adopted baby, most mothers are looking to do two things 1) start encouraging her body to make milk (this is called induced lactation)
    and two, encouraging/teaching the baby to nurse at the breast.

    In almost all cases of induced lactation, the baby will need formula or donated breastmilk, at least at first. Inducing a 'full' production of breastmilk takes time and is not going to always be possible whatever the mom does. But it is important to remember that nursing at the breast has many real and important benefits even if baby is not getting ANY breastmilk or only a small amount at the breast. And a baby can be nursed at the breast and fed formula or donated milk at the same time by using an at the breast supplementer or 'lactation aid."

    Besides looking into a lactation aid, (there are two commercially available ones that I know of, and you can even try making one yourself) you will also want to look into getting a very very good pump asap, now, before baby comes home if possible. A rented hospital grade pump would be best, and since these can be rented by the month, you could start off with this and see how things go and later invest in a good personal use pump when/if that is going to work for you.

    Some mothers simply start pumping as soon as they can-prior to bringing baby home, if possible- to start the body getting into milk production mode. Others use galactagogues (herbs and/or medications that have been shown to increase milk production.) Some attempt to use hormones to make the body hormonally pregnant and then post pregnant, as hormones play a vital role in typical milk production. All of these techniques have worked for some mothers and not worked well for others. So what is right for you is going to depend on your personal situation, lifestyle, and your goals.

    I agree with mommal’s suggestions for further research. Here are more places for further reading. I also suggest the book Making More Milk. It is not specifically about induced lactation (although I am sure it is discussed) and it is a very up to date resource for any situations where mom is needing to increase milk production.



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    Whoops I totally missed that your baby is 12 months old! I forgot what forum I was in...so sorry!

    I think the info and resources I posted will still be helpful though, i hope anyway!

    Your baby's age makes the induced lactation part of the equation much easier, if your baby is eating solids, then the nursing at the breast need not fulfill all of baby’s nutritional needs. Or any, really. I think you could consider any breastmilk you can provide your daughter as a big extra plus.

    It may make teaching your baby to nurse a bit harder, however, I know of mothers who have brought adopted children to the breast in toddlerhood. It is definitely possible and worthwhile, some would say particularly worthwhile when a child has a history of early trauma.

    Are you in the US? I might be able to find someone with personal experience nursing an older adopted baby for you to talk to if you like. Not sure, but I can try. pm me.
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