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Thread: Pumping more than baby drinking?

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    I just started back at work this week. My LO is 3 months old and ebf. When we're together, he nurses a lot in the mornings, and a bit less later in the day, but usually around every 2 hours. He usually only wakes up once a night now to nurse.

    I've been pumping about 15oz at work easily (in 3 sessions) but he's only taking 10 to 11 oz while I'm away (I'm out of the house for 10 hours). I'm worried that he's not eating enough while I'm gone. But my mom, who watches him, says he's generally happy all day. Should I be concerned?

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    Most babies need 1 to 1.5oz of milk per hour you are away. It sounds like he is right on track. I almost always pumped more than my LO's would take from a bottle. Unless you are having difficulties with oversupply or overactive letdown, then be happy you are producing so much . Label the extra milk and freeze it. If your son doesn't drink it, you can always look into being a milk donor.

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    A day may come when those extra oz come in very handy! Many moms find that their output declines as time goes on, since pumps aren't as good at maintaining supply as babies are. And if you never hit a slump in pumping output, you can donate- someone will be more than happy to give your milk a home!
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    Agree with PPs that your son sounds like he's eating within the normal range, and also to save that extra milk for future use or donation Also will add that since you just started back at work, a lot can change -- baby's eating habits over 24 hrs might adjust to your new schedule. He might get more accustomed to the new daycare situation and the bottle as time goes on and eat more, OR he might start waking more to nurse at night to get more mommy time. These tiny people like to keep us on our toes!

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    Thank you! I figured if I was pumping that amount, he was probably used to eating that amount during the day, or more. Last night he did wake up 3x to feed, so you may be right, mercystreet.

    I love ebf, but I feel like I never stop worrying!

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    I experienced the same thing--went back to work at 3mo, pumped 3x a day and averaged about 15-20oz each day! I was a milk factory! But slowly that started decreasing and at first I thought I was doing something wrong or losing my supply, but learned it was just my supply adjusting--this was around 6mo. Now, at 9mo, I still pump 3x a day and take home around 12oz on average

    I also work a 10hr day and DS takes 3, 3.5oz bottles during that time

    You're right on track!

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