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Thread: Exclusively Pumping For 1yr old

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    Hi there fellow pumping Momma's!
    Just curious...my lo is now a year. She doesn't seem to want BM unless she's going down for a nap or for the night. Considering this, how often do you ladies pump for a 1yr old? I'm making more than she's drinking most of the time now...
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    Are you weaning and transitioning her to cows milk or some other alternative milk or are you still looking to keep her on breastmilk?

    At one year I was weaning to DD1 to whole milk and was down to one-two pumps a day for a morning and evening bottle only (about 4 ounces each, I think). She was drinking whole milk or water in her sippy cups during the day.
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    My daughter is 13mo, but she came early, so I'm pumping full-time until her original EDD rolls around. I currently produce more than she drinks in a day, so the freezer gets fed daily. After June, I plan to slowly wean from the pump over several months. She reacts to dairy, so I can't wean her onto cow's milk. I want to keep her with as much breastmilk as possible until 18mo--whether fresh or frozen. If I can get even a small amount (say, 10oz total) pumping twice a day after that, I'll keep going until she's two. She won't have a biological need for milk after that and she's pretty gung ho for solids, so I'm comfortable with it.
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