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Thread: Brewers Yeast VS Nutritional Yeast

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    Question Brewers Yeast VS Nutritional Yeast

    Hello all! Maybe someone can give me some advice on the difference between Brewers Yeast and Nutritional Yeast. I was planning to make some of my own "lactation cookies" and the recipe I plan to use calls for Brewers Yeast. I went to my local health foods store today, asked the lady at the counter for some and told her what I was going to make it with and she said it was okay....only thing I noticed was the package says "vegetarian nutritional yeast"...I did ask if it was the same thing and she told me yes but I am still a little unsure and have not opened the package yet in case I should return it. Just wondering if anyone has used either of these yeasts and noticed an increase in their milk supply! Thanks for reading and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Monica
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    Default Re: Brewers Yeast VS Nutritional Yeast

    Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavour to it, so I'm not sure it would be tasty in a cookie. I honestly have no idea if the effect on milk production is seen with nutritional yeast...but it is NOT the same thing as Brewer's yeast, as far as I know.

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    Default Re: Brewers Yeast VS Nutritional Yeast

    In the US, there's not a labeling regulation for yeast supplements. You can find nutritional yeast labeled brewer's yeast and you can find spent brewer's yeast which is a byproduct of fermentation/ale brewing. I have no idea what the cookies actually require as I don't eat them (celiac disease).

    I have granular nutritional yeast which is labeled brewer's yeast. It's a brewing strain which is grown on molasses. I like it on pasta and popcorn and veggies. I also have nutritional yeast flakes. I suspect most people are using nutritional yeast in either granular or flake form. Flake dissolves more easily.
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