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Thread: Question about protein intake for breastfed 1 year old

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    Default Question about protein intake for breastfed 1 year old

    Hi, I'm looking for advice please.

    My son is nearly a year old and has been eating solids since he was 6 months old. We are doing BLS and he took to it really well, trying most things. His weight gain has also improved since he started solids - he was dropping percentiles slightly before this (we had quite a few BF problems) but now he's slightly gaining percentiles. His appetite varies from day to day, but I know this is normal.

    My concern is that he's not getting enough protein. He eats plenty of all other food groups, but we don't eat an awful lot of meat, and when we do, he doesn't seem to eat that much of it. I do give him soft cheese quite a lot, he has eggs and beans occasionally, but that's about it. He still breastfeeds around every 4 hours during the day, and whenever he wakes at night (can be anywhere from twice to 5 or 6 times!).

    I looked up how much protein babies this age need, and it is around 0.5 g for every pound of body weight - he is about 16 pounds, so needs about 8g each day.

    So my question is - will he be getting enough protein from the breastmilk and the food I do give him? If not, does anyone have any ideas for easy protein sources?


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    Default Re: Question about protein intake for breastfed 1 year old

    I wouldn't be too worried about it. Try to track it for a few days. Look up the foods he eats and see how much protein they contain. Some days he may eat more than others. A piece of bread could have about five grams of protein in it alone.


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