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Thread: cleaning and sterilizing pump

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    Quick question - I'm exclusively pumping on one side temporarily to allow the nipple to heal. Is it OK to reuse the flange/bottle for several pumping sessions in a row if it's kept in the fridge in between? I have a double pump (so two bottles/flanges) but am only single pumping, so I've been washing and sterilizing everything once a day and then using one set for about 12 hours before switching to the other set.

    I also have the same question about the baby's bottles - is it OK to wash and sterilize them (by boiling) once a day, feed her, then store the bottle in the fridge ready for the next feed? And to repeat over about 12 hours? Or do they need to be washed and/or sterilized after every use?

    My gut feeling is that if pumped milk is good for 6-8 hours at room temperature and a few days in the fridge, then washing/sterilizing once a day should be fine if it's all kept in the fridge in between, but I am not sure if I should be more careful...?

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    hi mama! yes, ok to reuse for the day if you keep everything in the fridge. also no need to sterilize unless your baby has a vulnerable immune system (preemie or illness). i sterilized maybe once every 3 months or so. ditto for bottles, no need to sterilize, though i probably wouldn't use the same unwashed bottle for more than one feed, because milk tends to go bad faster when it's been warmed, and you'll always have a little left over on the sides that you won't want mixing with the fresh milk.
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