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Funny, I never thought about the connection between babies that need to be walked around for hours to get to sleep and the nursing-to-sleep situation. I have one of those babies, too! Totally agree with the PP who said if you intervene fast in the cycle, it takes less time to get them to go down. Typically I nurse my son to sleep (he's 6 months) and then he does wake up 45 min later or so. My husband is on stand by to swoop in and he gives him back his pacifier and then rocks him for a few minutes and he's snoozing again fast. When he wakes up the next time, we bring him into bed with us and we co-sleep for the rest of the night and he nurses on demand. It works out pretty good so far. Although, everything is always changing with babies as you know! Tomorrow this could all be different.
Thank you everyone, I feel like I have been thoroughly reassured by all of you that this is common and normal. We do bedshare, and she goes down about 3 hours before me, this is when the nurse-back-to-sleep-every-45 min happens. Sometimes I just give up and go to bed early, sometimes she seems better. Like you said, tomorrow it could all be different! I actually don't mind the nursing back to sleep thing most nights, because I feel like she got deprived of that when I had oversupply. And yes, I try to intervene before she wakes up, and so far I've been able to do that very well and she goes right back to sleep. I think she just really enjoys me being next to her, she sleeps on me for 1-2 naps per day and she has slept with me every night of her life. Of course last night I think she started in on the sleep regression at night though, she decided to wake up at 2:30 and coo/baby talk for an hour!