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    I don't know if I need to see a doctor or not but I'm hoping someone here can help. I've been nursing DS for almost 14 months now () and have never had any issues (latch / supply) etc. However, about a week ago my nipple started hurting in the middle of the night after a feeding session.
    Side Note: We still nurse 6+ times a day still. He only drinks water and breast milk.
    I went to look at my nipple the next morning and was shocked to see what I thought was a blister. I let it go for a few days and continued to nurse albeit it is the most pain I've ever been in (other than giving birth). It has continued to get worse and get bigger.
    TMI WARNING ****
    Now, after each nursing session, there is a hole where what I thought the blister used to be. It starts to heal but then he wants to nurse again and it's right back to square one. It's getting bigger and more painful. I keep vitamin E oil on it when he isn't nursing which seems to help. He refuses to drink whole milk, coconut milk, 1% milk.... I've tried it all and he either pushes it out of the way or spits it out. I even tried in multiple different types of cups / straws to get him excited.

    I appreciate the help. I'm more concerned about what I need to do to let it heal if he refuses to drink anything else other than my boob milk and water.

    I don't know what to do. Do I see a doctor? If so, what kind? My OBGYN? A LC?

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    I think that you should see your OBGYN. If you still want to nurse him then use the one side and pump on the side with the blister/hole so that your aren't so full that it's even more sore and the pumping would help maintain your supply while he is using just the one side. If he is still nursing that often you don't need to add milk to his diet. If it is what you want to do you could try using a regular cup and help him take sips from it, my pediatrician told me it would be okay to add flavors to the milk to get my DD interested or to use cheese and yogurts to meet the calcium need if I wasn't nursing or looking to wean. (but at 15months we still enjoy our nursing so she just eats and drinks what the rest of us do during meals)
    I hope it heals fast and soon for you
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    Okay, number one thing is to stop the vitamin E oil. Not for use on the nipple when you're nursing because there's a risk of overdose and vitamin E toxicity. Use lanolin, olive oil, or coconut oil instead. Or, even better, a mix of equal parts 1% hydrocortisone cream and Bacitracin antibiotic ointment, which will combat inflammation and infection (use a pea-sized amount, mixed and applied using a clean finger).

    It sounds like you had a really nasty blister which has now turned into a small crack. That's pretty normal- except that it's getting bigger and more painful, which makes me wonder if some sort of infection has set in. If this isn't better within a few days, or appears to be worsening, I would call the LC.
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    yeouch. sorry!

    good ideas from pps, also,

    this article talks about milk blisters (blebs) and friction blisters, the difference, and what to do about it. you might want to give it a looksee. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/

    When I see sore nipples or nipple damage with a nursing toddler, I usually suggest that mom try different positions-sometimes the toddler is getting too big for the previous 'holds' and tucking their chin or something, and to pay more attention to how baby is latching for a bit.

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    Thanks mamas!! I'm all healed up finally!! Not sure what it was (guessing a blister that cracked) but I'm recovered and still nursing my 14 month old!!!!

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