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Thread: Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube

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    Default Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube


    I ordered a Lact-Aid hoping that it would help my 10 and1/2 month old daughter learn how to nurse. I've been bottle-nursing her for the last week and she's been doing well with that. So I figured I'd try the next step: putting the feeding tube of the lact-aid right next to the bottle nipple so she could get use the tube but still drink from her bottle. Well needless to say she did NOT like that! The tube is really thin but she absolutely hates it.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Is she just too old for this? Any tips??

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    Default Re: Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube

    Hi-so I know of adoptive mothers who have taught toddlers to nurse. It's really never too late generally speaking, but of course every situation is different, and if a baby will learn to nurse will depend on many factors.

    How to best introduce (or reintroduce) nursing to a particular baby is probably pretty individual...I doubt there is a way to do it ‘wrong.” Are you following a particular suggested protocol?

    I am not an expert on this subject-what is bottle nursing?

    I know one mom-she was introducing nursing at the breast to her bottle fed adopted older baby-she would first insert the tube of the lactation aid through the tip of a bottle nipple, (thread it like a needle through the bottle nipple hole and pull it slightly through with a tweezers) and place that by her breast, in order to begin getting baby used to being in a nursing position and away from associating feeding with the bottle, and for ‘suck training’ I think, as baby probably had to work a bit harder to get the milk-is that what you mean? I think her next step was to use a nipple shield to do the same thing, and then start putting the shield on her breast-but this was what worked for her I am not sure it would work for everyone.

    Also-do you wait until baby is sucking on the bottle and then insert the tube? Or is the tube aside the bottle nipple from that start?

    Meanwhile are you trying ideas for encouraging baby to latch onto the breast?

    Here is a brief article about different at the breast supplementers and how they work. Unfortunately it does not specifically address using one to bring a bottle fed baby back to the breast.

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    Default Re: Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube

    Thank you so much for your response!! I've heard it's possible but I'm now sure how to go about it.

    Bottle nursing is when you hold your baby in a nursing position, skin to skin, and give them a bottle. I've been doing it for almost 2 weeks and she's being doing well with that.

    To answer your question, I'm not following a particular protocol. The Lact-Aid website has a few tips for reluctant nursers and so does Kelly mom but it's not working for us. I have NO idea how to encourage her to latch. That's been our main challenge. I've been exclusively pumping for 14 months (she was a preemie so she's 10 1/2 months corrected age) so my milk supply is good but I wonder if she even understands that there is milk in mommy's breasts. I've tried to show her that there's milk in there by hand expressing and showing her but alas she doesn't seem to care!

    I've tried putting the tube next to the bottle nipple before she starts sucking and also during. Either way, she spits it out. I haven't tried threading the tube in the nipple though. I'll try that. How does that work? Is there still milk in the bottle? Or do you thread it in and just place the bottle nipple over your own breast?

    Also, thank you for sending that link!! I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube

    The way I saw it done, there is no bottle attached to the nipple that baby sucks on. There is the source of the expressed milk (bottle or bag-however it works with your Lact Aid) and the tube is brought (so it protrudes just slightly) thru the bottle nipple instead of laid at the side of your breast nipple (or the side of the bottle nipple.) You could put the bottle nipple anywhere, but yes, when I saw this done the mom put it near her breast so she was holding the child (she was a toddler) in a nursing position. And yes it took finagling. I guess the theory is baby does not yet know how to nurse at the breast but does know how to suckle on a bottle nipple, so this is a transitional step that brings the feeding closer to the breast.
    I think it would have to be a fairly soft bottle nipple so the baby can get compression/suction.

    With a nipple shield, you buy one that fits you (there are a couple different brands and two typical sizes.) Learn how to put it on by itself first, then try putting it on with the tube threaded as well. This may be hard and you may end up having to hold the nipple shield on as well. Again, this is a transitional step. Why this may work is that the baby may be used to a silicone feel in her mouth and thus more comfortable with the shield, also a shield mayhelp baby latch better because the tip is firmer, more like a bottle nipple.

    You could also try the shield alone, without the lact aid, since you produce plenty of milk. Or use a shield with various ‘instant reward” techniques. When I used a shield with my oldest who could not nurse as an infant, I would use a very thin, curved-tip syringe to insert a small amount of expressed milk into the shield tip after putting it on, so milk ‘came out’ of the shield right away when my baby tried it.

    What about finger training-with the tube on your finger-will she suck on your fingers?

    There is nothing wrong with using the lactaid with the tube next to your own nipple (or a bottles either as a transition step) of course. There is nothing better about the above suggestions and of course they may not work either, or may take time to work. I am offering these ideas because the tube along the side of the bottle nipple is not working for you at this point. With practice it may start to work.

    What about offering the breast when baby is sleepy or sleeping? Cueing into her instincts?

    Read the info for bringing adopted babies to the breast, on the lact aid site and elsewhere. that information should be helpful despite not being your exact situation. and do keep trying some of those ideas suggested in the 'Help my baby won’t nurse' article on kellymom over and over, it will take time, nothing is likely to work right away.

    I am going to attach some links here that may have useful info for you.


    there are two videos on here for you, one with mom using a supplementer (lactation aid) on the breast and one of using it as a finger feeder. Babies are infants but still may give you some ideas http://nbci.ca/index.php?option=com_...id=6&Itemid=13

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    Default Re: Using Lact-Aid and baby HATES the feeding tube

    Thank you thank you!! This is very helpful!

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