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Thread: Trying to to supplement!

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    Default Trying to to supplement!

    My LO is now almost 3 months and sofar things have been going great! I am back to work now and am pumping. He is eating 3 to 4 3oz bottles while I am away from him for about 9-10 hours. I have had no problems pumping for what he needs the next day. I think he may be going thru a growth spurt because our daycare said he ate what he normally has but seemed to still want more so she ran out early... just as he is going thru this "growth spurt" my pumping output has went from 4oz on each side to barely 2 oz on each side 2 times a day while I am at work =( Because I am only pumping exactly what he eats the next day I have to "extra" supply and she had to give him 1 bottle of formula =( My question is any advice on how to get thru this whithout having to suplement and have extra for the next time this happens!?
    I have a Medela Double Pump. I pump 2 times while at work for 15 min minimum. And then lately have been pumpin on oneside while he nurses on the other when I am home to try and "catch up"
    As far as what I have read if I continue to do this my supply will catch up with what he wants!?
    Anything else I could be doing differently!?

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    I think your best bet is to try and add in a pumping session. If you're going 9-10 hours and only pumping twice it could definitely be causing a decrease in your overall supply.
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