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Thread: Possible Lip Tie?

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    Default Possible Lip Tie?

    I have been breastfeeding for 7 1/2 months now. Occasionally I get really bad pain in my nipples during and after feeds. I recently came across images of lip ties online and started thinking my son's lip looks very similar. Does this look like a lip tie?
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    Looks like a lip tie to me. Have you had any issues with weight gain or supply?

    I like these two sites for info on lip ties: www.kiddsteeth.com and http://thefunnyshapedwoman.blogspot....-frenulum.html

    I chose to get my baby's cut via laser, from what I've read it's better to do it when they're young.

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    Yes he is only 16 pounds. He's been in the 5th percentile for weight at every visit. My supply dropped drastically as well. When I went back to work I had 2 weeks worth of milk in my freezer. I was pumping great then my supply started dwindling. I have trouble keeping up with what he needs now.

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    My son had an upper lip tie and a posterior tongue tie. If you're on Facebook there's an amazing support group called Tongue Tie Babies Support Group. Despite its name, they're very helpful with lip ties. There are moms who've gone through revisions, doctors and IBCLCs, and if you post any questions you get almost immediate responses. I would highly recommend it.

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