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Thread: Tingling sensation in leg

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    I know this might sound really odd but I get a tingling sensation down my leg every time LO is sucking. At first I thought it could have been the position I was in so I moved from the bed to the couch to a recliner, used a pillow under my leg, tried putting him in a different position but it still happens. It's only when he sucks and the seconds he stops to look around or take a break, it's gone. Anyone know why this would happen? It's not painful just pretty annoying when I'm trying to enjoy our feeding and my leg keeps tingling!
    The tingle happens on the right side and only when he's nursing on that side.

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    Okay, that sounds familiar. It seems like I knew someone who had some sort of issue with her legs when she was breastfeeding, something you wouldn't have ever thought could be related. Except I can't remember who, or what the issue was exactly, or if it was related to breastfeeding. Helpful, I know.

    If I can figure out who that was... I think it was someone in my LLL group. I'll ask around.

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    I'd love to know the answer to this question cause it happens to me too! It just started yesterday. When my LO nurses on the right breast, my left leg tingles on my shin. It doesn't hurt but its uncomfortable!

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    I have it in both legs and I thought it was the chair. It comes and goes. I imagine it has to do with a nerve. I know the nerve near your appendix that goes down the groin making it hard to straighten your leg when you have appendicitis. I also have never noticed my milk letting down and wondered if the tingling had something to do with it.

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    I was just reading this post and was curious about the tingling since I took an anatomy class and we had lots of test questions regarding nerves and sensation, etc. Now I'm sure this is probably wrong and maybe some other anatomy students can point that out!! but I'll throw it out there...

    The nerves that go to the breast come from the thoracic part of the spinal cord and the nerves that go to the leg come from the lumbar/sacral portion..so I'm guessing its not the same nerve pathway that's being activated. But I wonder if it could be the oxytocin hormone, since that is released during BFing and there is a possible link between oxytocin and genital nerve stimulation. Genital nerves and leg nerves are served by lumbar nerves (some on the same pathway). Maybe its the hormone that is causing the tingling? Have no idea if this is what's happening, just speculating.
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    Did anyone ever get an explanation for this sensation?? I feel the EXACT same thing with my newborn and no lactation consultants in my area can figure out what it is from!

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    I have it too in both legs - feel it especially in my feet! It only happens when LO is sucking.

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