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Thread: 5 month old troubles...teeth? Cold? It is rough!

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    Default 5 month old troubles...teeth? Cold? It is rough!

    Hi all, I've posted here before about my LO being "skinny" when his dr suggested I try supplementing or rice cereal. That was a month ago and I did neither - just nursed more, stopped pumping for future storage and just tried to give him 100% of my supply. I don't have oversupply issues at all, if anything I've always worried it wasn't enough (mostly because my right breast just never pumped as much milk as the left, and because he isn't a pudgy baby). Now he is 5 months and gained about a pound in the last month. I think he's gotten longer too - seems like at least an inch.

    In the last week he has gone from pooping once a day (or every other day) to several times a day. I noted this with some concern because he is also really fussy about feeding for many of the middle day and late afternoon / early evening. This weekend he's had low grade fever off and on along with fussy behavior, not settling well at night, and one green poop last night and today. Oh, and he's congested. I've been doing lots of saline for that.

    I gave up dairy a whole back due to his milk protein intolerance - I think I may have had some inadvertent dairy recently so I don't know if the green poo is from that, or is it teething.

    I am having quite a time with getting him to nurse and to settle down...I know he hasn't felt good, and I worry that he isn't eating as well.

    He's got a happy and laid back personality normally so this has been rough for me. It seems like he's gone from being a great nurser (for business and pleasure!) to sometimes it's like I'm trying to poke him with a hot iron, he screams so much. Even getting to our comfy spot and putting him on his nursing pillow will freak him out when he's in one of those moods.

    It all feels very fragile right now. Any advice or help? Sorry for the long vent. I just want my reliable baby back!

    Don't know if this is teething, and not something else (stomach bug, dairy issue, cold?) but it is rough!!

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    Default Re: 5 month old troubles...teeth? Cold? It is rough!

    Oh - and will my supply suffer if he isn't eating as well? Total number of feedings has stayed the same (about 10 give or take) but sometimes he's only nursing on one breast, vs both. Or just nursing briefly, like for 5 minutes total.

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    Default Re: 5 month old troubles...teeth? Cold? It is rough!

    One of my aunts has 6 kids, and she says that the only thing that is constant about babies is that they change all the time. I have to agree! So kiss reliability goodbye, and try to get into the mindset that whatever your baby's new normal is, that isn't going to last, either.

    It's hard to say what is causing the green poops and fussiness. Teething at this age is almost certain, and dairy could also be to blame, and since your baby has congestion and fever I am sure illness is part of the equation. You might want to take him in to the doc and have someone take a look in his ears.
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