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Thread: When to start antibiotics for mastitis?

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    If you get mastitis again- and fingers crossed that you won't- definitely discuss using a different antibiotic. Resistant bacterial stains are increasingly common, and Keflex is an older, first generation Cephalosporin antibiotic. Much less effective today than when it was first introduced.

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    Default Re: When to start antibiotics for mastitis?

    Yes, also it is typical to start feeling better very shortly after starting the ab, which is why so many people do NOT finish them all, one reason we have so many ab resistant strains!

    Also in my personal experience with my first bout with mastitis I felt so much better after simply taking an anti-inflammatory I jumped up and started doing too much and ended the day with high fever, the uncontrolable shaking chills and aches, and then had to take ab afterall. So even if you are feeling better now, I suggest, watch your activity level for a few days and keep nursing frequently. Take it easy, in other words.

    Maybe your doctor is prescribing Keflex because you are nursing? I am sure there are others you can take that are safe. But hopefully you won't need to worry about this again.

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