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Thread: Is this thrush? Pediatrician isn't sure

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    Default Is this thrush? Pediatrician isn't sure

    I'm EBF my second baby who's now 6 weeks old. Over the last week I've developed some burning pains behind my nipples. They're sporadic: sometimes before a feed, sometimes during and sometimes after. They only last for a few seconds and then disappear.

    There's no sign of thrush in my baby's mouth, although he does have some diaper rash which might be thrush (his pediatrician isn't sure).

    The pain seems to lessen considerably if I don't wear a bra (particularly overnight): I was wondering if this was related and it was something as simple as wearing the wrong bra-size.

    Yesterday I started getting some shooting pains up into my armpit (which I thought might be a clogged duct), although it's better today.

    Someone suggested that the burning pains were my letdown but I don't think they are. I BF my first baby for 12m so I know what my letdown feels like and it's not that! The only other thing I thought of was that I'm producing so much milk that my breasts are constantly ready to send it out and so burn when they don't (my baby feeds a lot and I have a lot of milk!)....?

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Is this thrush? Pediatrician isn't sure

    Do you have any other symptoms? For example:
    - vaginal yeast infection
    - nipples appearing more red or pink than normal
    - dry, flaking, or peeling skin in the nipple/areola/breast
    - small slit-like cracks
    - itching sensations
    Also, have you had a recent course of antibiotics?

    If none of the above, then the burning sensations probably aren't thrush, and something related to your high supply- like the sensation of your breasts refilling or something- or maybe vasospasms are more likely explanations. That being said, definitely keep an eye on this! If you see additional thrush symptoms, go back to the doc.

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    Default Re: Is this thrush? Pediatrician isn't sure

    Nope - none of those.

    Have looked into vasospasms and that might be it: we struggled with latch in the first week and my nipples weren't in a good state, so it could be a fallout from that.

    Will keep an eye on things: it's not really badly painful, just noticeable and I obviously wanted to get it sorted sooner rather than later in case it was thrush...

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Is this thrush? Pediatrician isn't sure

    I have Raynaud's phenomena which spread to the nipples when I began bfing. A piping hot cup of a bfing-safe infusion like rosehip might help. If you aren't sure, just try drinking piping hot water itself. If the warmth stops the pain, then you're on to something! As your baby is quite young it could be simply mechanical, meaning his mouth is so small his latch is a little too tight and that causes some pain. In that case as he grows it will get better on its own. Keep on bfing and see what works. (And hi, Mommal!)
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    Ouch! Is it thrush or Raynaud's phenomenon?

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