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Thread: evening nursing help!

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    Hi! I have been ebf my little guy for almost 7 weeks now. He was doing great until about a week and a half ago. He nurses fine from both breasts all night and all day. Once evening comes though he has trouble nursing. He will latch on, suck a few seconds then pull off. He does this over and over again until he gets so upset he can't calm back down. The last three nights I have.ended up giving him a bottle of my pumped milk. He was just doing this on the right side, but now he's doing it on both sides. I'm not sure the cause of this, or how to fix it, but it's stressing both of us out

    One thing that has changed is I have started pumping to build up a stash for when I go back to work. I am double pumping after a nursing session. I started with just one pumping session a day, but have recently added another one. I am wondering if I am depleting my supply by the end of the day and there just isn't enough for him and that's why this is happening. I feel like my breasts, especially the right one, are empty by evening.

    Thanks for the help, I really want to figure this out for him! ( and myself lol)

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Evening fussiness and the ultra-annoying on-off-fuss-on-off-fuss nursing behavior you're experiencing are kind of textbook normal for babies in your baby's age range- so much so that there are commonly recognized names for it, like "the witching hour(s)" and "the evening fussies" and even "evenings-only colic" for those babies who are real screamers (like mine were). It's not about anything you're doing or not doing, or your supply, or your pumping- it's just your baby being a baby, and going through a developmental phase.

    Some things to do about it:
    - nurse, nurse, nurse, and nurse some more- if baby is willing
    - white noise- radio static, dryer sounds, vacuum cleaner noises
    - calm house- lights, stereo and tv turned way down or, preferably, off
    - motion- rock in a rocker, swing in a swing, bounce on an exercise ball, stroller ride, car ride (can be optimal, since there's a white noise component!)
    - warm bath
    - fresh air
    - closeness- snuggle baby close in a sling or just cuddle

    The reason the above work (sometimes! There's no 100% effective cure for evening fussiness) is that you're changing the baby's sensory input. That short-circuits the impulse to fuss.

    Now, bottles also work. But I personally think it's best to ride this out without resorting to the bottle- your baby will be getting a lot of bottles very soon and you want to give him as much chance as possible to work out any nursing quirks before you return to work.

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