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Thread: Constipation

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    Hello again

    So, DD has been pooping very hard stools lately. My first thought was the puffs we were giving her, so we cut those. After that, she didn't get better, so we cut back on solids and now she eats oatmeal w/BM or fruit in the morning and them something at lunch, usually a veggie, like peas, green beans... Or avocado which she loves! (Although that's a fruit but... I sounds more like a lunch/dinner food to me!)

    Besides that, she gets at least 3 bottles of 3-3.5 oz of EBM if I'm at work and nurse on demand when at home, so before going to work in the morning, around twice when going to bed and lately once overnight (it used to be at least twice).

    We offer a sippy cup with water when she eats solids. And she usually drinks some.

    I'm not sure what's going on, her wet diapers are ok.

    We've tried giving her prunes but she doesn't really likes them...

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    It seems to be pretty common for babies to get constipated while their digestive systems get used to solids.

    What kinds of fruits does she eat? You might want to steer clear of bananas and apples, and try some pears, peaches, apricots, plums, or cherries, if you haven't already.

    I don't blame her for not wanting the prunes. Prune juice worked wonders for my DD in very small amounts though... I'd just cover the bottom of a sippy cup with prune juice, then add some apricot nectar, then dilute it with water. She liked it, fortunately, because she was constipated a LOT.
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    Default Re: Constipation

    You might want to hold off on the avacado. I noticed my LO's poop got pretty solid when I gave this to him. I give him a little bit of prune juice to help with poop--just about 1/2 oz every other day or every third day. Works wonders. When I first started, I used the syringe that came with his infant Tylenol to give it to him (he loves whatever is in it, be it cherry Tylenol or the Enfamil Vitamin D drops), then put some in a shot glass for him, which works b/c it's a tiny little cup, and filling it halfway means it's a half oz. He makes a yuck face for the first sip, but then accepts the rest of it without much complaint. Don't know what I did to train him to like the taste of Tylenol, Vit D drops (which I'm told most babies hate), or prune juice. I just say, "It's time for yum-yums" in a really excited voice, and he perks up and opens his mouth in anticipation. You could also try mixing in some prune juice or the Gerber prune puree with his morning cereal/fruit. I mix 1/2 jar prunes with 1/2 jar of some other fruit I know he likes with the cereal (that is mixed with bm).

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    Thank you! I'll try some prune juice later. She loves bananas too an for a while she wanted to eat them a bunch. We've stopped bananas too though. She's not a very fruit eater, but I'll try some plums and peaches again to see. She hated them when we tried a few weeks ago, as well as pears.
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    leemami, you've pretty much described my LO and me, including the number of times I BF and the number of bottles when I'm at work!

    I can tell you that after 2+ weeks of cutting out all constipating foods, increasing all the foods people suggested would help, reducing solids overall, offering water with every meal, cycling her legs, etc... none of that worked! In our case, I'm no longer as concerned because LO's poops are regular and more putty-like than pellet-like. I spoke with a friend who was concerned about her DD's constipation and she told me that the public health nurses told her that it really had to be rabbit-poo-like to qualify as constipation. And just making a visible effort to poo is not enough either. It has to be crying (painful). So, I'm going to bring it up with the ped next week, but I'm now thinking it's normal!

    If all the experiments don't work, speak with a health professional. You can get a suppository. Also check this out: http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/chi...s/constipation

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