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Thread: nursing then pumping?

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    Default nursing then pumping?

    My 4 week old is nursing for 15 -20 minutes on both sides at each feeding. Should I pump afterwards if to make sure she is emptying?


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    Default Re: nursing then pumping?

    Are you having supply problems? Or do you need the milk for work? If the answer to both those questions is no, and you're feeding on demand and the baby is gaining weight at a normal pace, there's no reason to pump after feedings.

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    Default Re: nursing then pumping?

    also, it's a misconception that you could pump after she nurses to see if she's emptying your breast. because milk is produced on demand, so your body will continue to produce as long as it's being stimulated to produce. i worry that the way you frame this question means you're getting some bad advice about how normal breastfeeding works ... and that this might undermine your confidence!
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