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    I'm having several issues with breastfeeding my LO.
    1. I use a modified semi reclined position. His legs go across my body towards my hips instead of vertically. This is most comfortable to me because of my csection.
    2. My nipples are sore and so is the underside of my breast going to the armpit, breast seems overly full and hurt most when like this.
    3. He has a hard time latching. He is a wiggle worm. Back riches, outs his hands in his mouth and doesn't want to open wide when presented with my breast. If I let him latch on his own he has a very shallow latch. I try to sandwich my breast, but it's so stiff it doesn't do much good.
    4. When he first latches it is very painful. After that, the pain varies from a slight tugging to a pinching. He is a very fast eater. Five to ten minutes lately. He gulps down milk like its going to run dry. He tends to slip his latch and yanks on my nipple. I get nipple blanching more on my right side than left. Even when I have only a tugging sensation and no pain. Not sure if the blanching is due to he initial latch. Since the feeding time is so short I change his diaper and let him eat again on the same side.
    5. His diapers seem okay. Mustard yellow. Some are just small amounts, others a nice full load.
    6. He doesn't spit up too much, but he does get the hiccups a lot.
    7. I feed him every two to three hours.
    8. Lately I've been doing one breast t a time trying to drain it because I'm wondering if I have an over abundant supply. My breast leak a lot.

    I want to have pain free breast feeding. And I want to make sure that my LO is getting enough to eat.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    First, how's the healing going from the c-section? Are you taking care of yourself, not doing anything beyond nursing the baby and the very lightest baby care? Incision closing up okay?

    Second, how old is your baby? I assume he's quite young because you're still uncomfortable from surgery.

    It sounds like you probably have some degree of overproduction going on, since you seem to feel full and "stuff" pretty often, you're leaking a lot, and your baby is gulping and feeding very quickly for a newborn. Overproduction could explain the pain you're having, since babies- especially very new babies- often have difficulty latching onto full breasts, and that can lead to a shallow, "pinching" latch. They also sometimes learn to control milk flow by compressing the nipple- it's like crimping a hose to control the flow. Often babies will be described as "slipping up" or "clamping down" on the nipple. The compression is the probable cause of the blanching, which is likely a vasospasm: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/

    Reclined positions are good for slowing milk flow, which may reduce baby's need to compress the nipple. It sounds like you have so much milk that single-sided feedings are also a good idea, but do keep a careful eye on diaper output while you're doing them, since it is possible to reduce supply too much with that approach. This link tells you what you should be looking for in the first 6 weeks: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...s/enough-milk/

    This link has tips on dealing with engorgement: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/engorgement/ Make sure you check out the link to the reverse pressure softening technique mentioned on that page.

    Finally, 2 things to be aware of- first, when a mom is really engorged, that's a time when mastitis (an infection of the breast) is more likely to occur. So stay alert for any of the following symptoms: fever, aches and pains, chills, red patches or streaks on the exterior of the breast, and localized pain/tenderness which may of may not accompany a lump. If you see any of those, call your doctor for some abntibiotics- and don't stop nursing! Second, since you had a c-section I am assuming that you're taking some pretty powerful antibiotics right now. One thing a lot of people don't tell you about antibiotics is that they can result in yeast overgrowth that can affect breastfeeding- there's a condition called thrush which can affect the baby's mouth and also the mom's nipples/breasts. It's nasty and can be extremely painful. To ward it off, try to practice good breast hygeine- have your shirts, bras, towels, and burp cloths washed frequently, using hot water, and take a probiotic to help keep your flora balanced.

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    I'm doing okay with my csection. I delivered on march 24. I'm no longer taking any pain meds. Still have soreness around the incision site, but the site looks good. I've been taking short walks a d can do some light chores.

    My LO is 11 days old.

    I usually do two single sided feelings before switching if he only drinks for short amounts of time and then falls asleep. The breast is usually much softer by then. Though it seems to fill up fast. I try to get him to nurse every two to two and half hours during the day and at night I try to do the same though sometimes I let him sleep for about three. I'm trying to hand express some before he nurses to help relieve the initial flow. Helps a little bit. He has good poops. Lots of wet diapers and mustard yellow stools.

    No aches beyond the usual. No fever or chills. Though I do get night sweets. I hate those, but it brought down my pp edema. My feet and legs were very swollen due to all the fluids they gave me. I had an IV for the first 18 hour when I was being induced. Then more for the csection. My breasts are warm, but have always been so. It's just the hardness when they are full. I had antibiotics for the csection, but I'm not taking any since I got home. I don't see and white stuff in LOs mouth - at least as far as I can see when he sticks his tongue out. I'll have my ped check on Monday for that.

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    Default Re: Multiple issues

    Hi psutton, congrats on your baby! So latch pain/latch issues are pretty common, but it is definitely something to work on, as breastfeeding should not hurt, and will be much more fun for you when it no longer hurts and baby can latch more easily.

    First, the extreme edema is very common after IV fluids. Your breasts were probably also full of excess water, making them more difficult for baby to latch onto, which may have affected latch. Now that your edema is clearing up, that part of things should ease.

    Along the same lines, It is easier for a baby to get a deep latch if the breast is not overfull or tight/hard due to engorgement. So nursing MORE often-more frequently-often helps with latch pain. You could also soften the breast prior to nursing by hand expressing just a little or using the ‘reverse pressure softening’ technique in above article. If your breast is softer, making the 'breast sandwich' which really can help wiht latch will be more possible.

    It is fine to nurse in a laid back position, I recommend it, in fact. But since you are having pain, I wonder if have you tried other positions? Side lying, or nursing with more recline or less recline? having baby come to the breast a different way?

    Thrush need not be visible in baby's mouth for that to be an issue. But at this point the problem sounds more like a shallow latch to me. Just FYI There are many possible thrush symptoms, including latch pain, general nipple pain, deep breast pain, redness/pinkness on the nipples, flaky or shiny nipple skin.

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