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Thread: How to wean?

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    Default How to wean?

    I"M exhausted, I can't really feed my daughter as much as I do, she feeds all the time, she loves the boob which is great, I feed her one demand still but she feeds more now than ever and I'm sick and have no energy and feel a bit beaten to be honest at the moment.

    She feeds about 6 times a night and more during the day - she wont nap without the boob and that can take up to 2 hours!!!

    I"m so tired.

    My question : If I want to start weaning her; which I would do very slowly, what do I replace the breast milk with?

    Normal Milk?

    She's 1.
    I"d like to start with night weaning first if possible and get some sleep so do I replace her waking meals with water or anything?

    Thank you for your help!!!!

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    Default Re: How to wean?

    i think you need to decide what you actually want. because you can set limits and get more sleep and rest without weaning. and at 1 she is likely still getting a lot of nutrition from all that nursing not to mention easing her teething pain (particularly at night, those molars and canines are a ******). there are lots of good reasons to nurse past 1. but if weaning is what you want, then you've done an amazing job and she will be ok if you transition over to all solids. if you're a cow milk drinker then you might want to start her on that. and yes, particularly in the winter, she might be nursing at night so much because she's thirsty, and having a sippy of water by her that she can get when she wants might help a lot.
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