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Thread: Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

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    Default Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

    **First Post**

    My wife and I welcomed a very healthy baby boy in Mid Feb. My wife was able to get the baby to breastfeed with very little work right from the start. However, we discovered blood in his stool and it was determined that he had a dairy allergy. We switched to formula while dairy was eliminated from our diet. My wife pumped for a few days before reintroducing breast milk. The blood went away for the few days, but came back as soon as breast milk was reintroduced again. We switched to formula for about a week and then reintroduced breast milk without any issues.

    Even though my wife pumped through it all, her breast milk is pretty shot. She has been doing everything to get it back up and running. She drinks this special mother's tea, she pumps after feeding, the longest break she takes is four hours between feedings. She is devestated. She really loves the time that she spends breastfeeding with our son and I'd like to do what I can to support her.

    Any advice would be helpful. I found a meeting in our area from our hospital, and have also found a LLLI meeting near my house.

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    Default Re: Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

    Hi there! Thanks for being such a supportive partner and trying so hard to get your wife the help she needs. I first want to say that this is fixable. Your wife didn't ruin anything. Depending on how low her supply has gotten it might be some work to get it back, but it definitely can be done and she is already a step ahead having someone supporting her through this.

    It is not necessary to switch to formula when you start a diet elimination for an allergy. Unless there were huge quantities of blood and your child was losing weight or malnourished, you got some bad advice on that. Any time you stop nursing, even if you continue pumping, your supply is going to drop so if it can be avoided in any way, it should. Small amounts of blood in poop is alarming, but not life threatening. Was it a doctor who recommended you switch to formula?

    If the allergy issue seems to be taken care of with the dairy elimination, then we can consider that settled and move on to rebuilding her supply. Nursing. That's the answer. She needs to nurse as frequently as possible. Set her up with a comfy spot (or two) that has drinks, snacks, books, movies, ipad, whatever she needs so all she has to do is sit and cuddle the baby and nurse. This is called a nursing vacation and it is great for boosting supply and letting baby reconnect with the breast after getting used to a bottle.

    Are you still supplementing? How much? How many times a day would you say she's nursing? Does baby wake at night to nurse?

    Here are a few links you might find helpful: weaning from formula supplements, Help! My baby won't nurse, dairy and food sensitivities.

    And if allergy symptoms return, come back and talk to us. There are several moms here (me included) who've dealt with this issue and we can help. It is pretty common for most pediatricians to be uninformed about how to handle allergies in nursing infants.
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    Default Re: Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

    with Still.here. I'm one of the moms who has nursed through bloody poops, which might have been due to allergies (but could also have been caused by oversupply). Baby was always happy and healthy- she just had some freaky-looking diapers.

    Definitely nurse as much as possible. That's almost always the cure for problems with nursing!

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    Default Re: Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

    Smart to get local support. I wonder if it would be possible to see an IBCLC (Board Certified Lactation consultant) as well. This certainly may not be necessary, but I am concerned that your wife was counseled to stop nursing by your baby’s hcp and it may be ideal to see milk production and nursing assessed by a professional.

    The book Making More Milk is very helpful and inexpensive. Probably easiest to purchase it online at amazon or similar if your library does not have a copy. Also this article also has lots of good info: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

    I also wonder how you guys know that milk production is 'shot.' If you are determining this by pump output, that is not necessarily going to give you good information. Nor is how much baby will drink in a bottle necessarily meaningful.

    The good news is, it sounds as if your wife nursed long enough to establish full, normal production before switching to pumping and baby was only formula fed for a week. As pp have said, that makes this situation one where it is very possible, even likely, that with some smart intervention and patience, full production will return pretty quickly.

    Just FYI, here is the suggested medical protocol when food allergies are suspected from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

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    Default Re: Low Supply Due to Stoppage for Dairy Allergy

    Nurse, nurse, nurse.

    And if her diet was super dairy-heavy before, make sure she's getting enough calories now. It's hard for me to get enough calories without dairy. Almonds, hummus, and lots of beef bacon and coconut oil.
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