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    I have a 2 week old son, since day 3 I have been dealing with oversupple and forcefull letdown. For 4 days I had pumped to fix the engorgement, during that time I only pumped twice a day and I was get 16 oz total for those days. Then I found out about oversupple, since then I started block feeding. Now my baby no longer has green poop, he has gained 1lb 1.5oz and eats about every 4 hours on only one breast.
    I did breastfed my daughter for 3 months when she was born but that was years ago and we had to stop because she had to many food allergies for me to keep breastfeeding. With her, I don't remember having problems with oversupple but I do remember if she pulled off I would spray her.
    Now with my son, we are having problems with lots of gas. I have started using the gas drops before feeding now to see if that will help. We do the poopy dance with him to try to help move some of the gas but his stomach is still very hard and now when he poops it comes out half way up his back even when you are holding him up right. Also when he farts or burps you can hear it in other rooms. He does spit up and it comes out of his nose and mouth when sitting up also. I have been clearing out his nose to make sure none is left in there. Also when he falls asleep, he needs to be held because he is uncomfortable but this is only at night with sleeping on his back or side (during the day he will happily sleep noproblem on his stomach). Is there anything that I can do to help him more then the gas drops and block feeding?

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    How about trying to nurse him a little more often? If he's only eating every 4 hours then he's probably eating quite a lot all at once, and that can lead to more problems with trapped air, and the more full the breast is the stronger the letdowns will be. Also, newborn babies typically require 10-12 feedings per day, and if your baby is eating every 4 hours he's eating only 6 times a day, which is generally not enough.

    Another thing that can help with gas is to try taking him off the breast while he's nursing, and burping him halfway into the feeding. That might get out quite a lot of burps!

    What nursing position do you use? The first thing that is recommended to moms with oversupply is nursing in reclined positions, because reclining enlists the force of gravity to slow the flow of milk to the baby.

    Finally, a PSA: newborns should never, ever be placed on their stomachs to sleep. It puts them at increased risk for SIDS and suffocation. See https://www.nichd.nih.gov/SIDS/Pages/sids.aspx for more.

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