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Thread: Low supply last time

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    Thanks for answering my questions. I really do understand the reasoning behind inducing overproduction. It may be the right course in your circumstance, I just don't know enough about it to say. But I think about everyone else who reads these threads, so I worry about mothers anticipating going back to work thinking they HAVE to do this even when their circumstances and/or bodies are different. For example, if a mother who had to go back to work when her baby was 6 weeks old who was prone to overproduction anyway tried this, the results could be disastrous. That is why I wondered if there was anyone professionally advocating this approach so I could see what they said about it.

    Anyway, it sounds as if you suspect low production was possibly an issue with your older child prior to you returning to work?

    Since you have a little time, the suggestion I would make is to read the book Making More Milk or re-read it if you read it when you were having issues with your older child. This book is quite up to date (2010, which makes it more up to date than most info on the internet) and devoted entirely to helping the mother with low milk production-why low milk production happens and what to do about it. Another option to consider would be to visit with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in order to discuss the possible reasons you might personally have a struggle with making enough milk.

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    Fenugreek is working well for me, I take 3pills 3 times a day and it is a herb so no side effects for me or my baby. My doc suggested it so you may talk to yours and see if it would be somthing worth trying .Also forget the schedual and listen to your baby as well as your body.

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    I didn't read "Making More Milk" last time. I will go ahead and get myself a copy. Thanks!
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