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Thread: 4my dayold babygirl. how can i make the milk come in faster?

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    Smile 4my dayold babygirl. how can i make the milk come in faster?

    Hi. My Name is Breanna and i just had a baby girl april 1st at 6:48pm named "eripsni-(inspire wrote backwards). im trying to breastfeed every other hour. im drinking tons! and she seems to be latching ok it seems. this is my first baby. I am not giving upon natural nurseing . ide love some pointers on how to boost my milk production. im drinking water. messageing my breast. vitimins menirals. trying to be relaxed and stress free. any info would be apriciated <3 thanks

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    Default Re: 4my dayold babygirl. how can i make the milk come in fas

    Congratulations on your baby!

    Just keep nursing, mama. That's all you need to do. Any time baby cues to nurse, nurse her. Don't try to time it. Your baby's stomach is the size of a grape and it takes very little to fill it. The substance that your baby is getting when she nurses is called colostrum and it's super-concentrated with everything your baby needs until your milk comes in. It also gets digested very quickly so your newborn might seem like she wants to eat all the time. That's perfectly normal. When she acts like she wants to eat- feed her. An average, just to give you an idea, is every 1.5-2 hours, but that is from beginning of session to beginning of session and a session and if a nursing session takes 45 minutes (again, normal) that means you're only getting a 30 min break. NORMAL. Just go ahead and adjust to the idea that for the next couple of weeks this is pretty much all you're going to be doing.

    It is normal to take a few days for your milk to come in and there is no reason to worry or supplement with anything. Just keep nursing. The more you nurse, the more signals your body is getting that say, 'time to get the milk flowing!'

    Here's a great article about getting started nursing your newborn.
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    Default Re: 4my dayold babygirl. how can i make the milk come in fas

    I agree with previous post. Read the above link article it will give you lots of answers.
    As far as water goes drinking tons of extra water is not needed. you want to stay hydrated which means drink when you're thirsty you may be more thirsty than normal that is normal. but being overly hydrated is not necessary -you just don't want to be dehydrated. There is also no need to follow some specific diet. Just eat enough which is hard enough to do in the early days.
    There are other things to do if you actually do have low production however based on what you have told us there is no reason to suspect that at this point.

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    Default Re: 4my dayold babygirl. how can i make the milk come in fas

    Hi mama, congrats on the new baby and your commitment to breastfeeding. Agree with PPs: nurse when baby cues; this stimulation will tell the breast to start making the milk!

    I know it can seem like forever for the milk to come in! My LO was born on a Wed morning, I noticed colostrum late that night/early Thurs, and my milk finally came in Sat afternoon/evening. Just give it some time.

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