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Thread: FTM- pumping ?

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    Default FTM- pumping ?

    I am trying to pump once a day to store milk for when my husband and I finally get to go out to dinner and eventually for when I go back to work. My question is---how many ounces will a newborn eat in once sitting? I'm pumping about 4-5oz per side. I would hate to defrost milk and have it go to waste.

    Thanks for any imput.

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum! A typical meal at the breast is 2-3 ounces. So many mamas freeze that much in each bag. You might also want to freeze some of the milk in 1 ounce portions to serve as a "topper." For example, your baby's caregiver might offer a 2.5 ounce bottle (for example), with an extra ounce available if baby is still showing signs of hunger after the 2.5 ounce bottle. Here are some links from kelly mom about bottle-feeding the breastfed baby:

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