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Thread: Trying to re-lactate, Baby just screams

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    Unhappy Trying to re-lactate, Baby just screams

    I'm trying to get my 3 month old son to start nursing again. I had to quit nursing when he was 2 weeks old due getting a stomach bug, and some other things happened that caused me to end up in hospital for 10 days. Baby was switched to formula/bottles and did fine. He is a very fast eater, even at one/two weeks old would be done nursing in 10 minutes.
    I also was on medication for the last two months. Now that I'm off medication I would like to start nursing again. I tried to latch him on two weeks ago and he did great. Sucked for 5 minutes on a dry breast. I got him to latch on three more times over the next couple days. Then he wouldn't latch at all. He would start fussing. So I got a Medela SNS and tried that yesterday evening. He won't even come near the breast nipple, he starts screaming and crying like he's mad/upset.
    I need help, how do I get him to latch on and nurse without the fight? This is my third baby so nursing isn't new.
    I try to extract any breast milk I can, and only get a few drops. I have a hand pump (cylinder style) but it was mean to my nipples and gave me a crack in one. Do I keep taking the nursing herbs, fennel and blessed thistle, and keep working on hand extraction?
    I'm frustrated about this, he was such a good nurser.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    The first thing you need is a better pump. Using a hand pump to relactate is like trying to go up a tall mountain on a moped. It probably can be done, but it's going to be a v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. process! So I suggest calling your local LC- preferably our local IBCLC- and getting your hands on a hospital-grade double electric pump with correctly sized shields. You're going to want to use the ump frequently, aiming for around 10-12 sessions per day, with more being preferable. That doesn't mean you shouldn't bother if you can't pump that much- just that ideally you're going to use the pump that much.

    This link talks about how to get a previously weaned baby back to the breast: kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ The instant reward and skin-to-skin techniques are supposed to be especially useful.

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