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    My 3.5 month old (EBF) constantly refuses my right breast. She has been finally accepting it about once per day and if she's sleeping in the night (we bed share and cosleep) so I try to give her the right breast during the night a few times. Even then she probably only empties it twice per day at most.

    Any tips for how to overcome this? I feel like I've tried every position to help her take the right breast, but she really doesn't want anything to do with it. I have more than enough milk in the left breast, and she's gaining well and having 3-5 dirty and 6+ wet diapers a day mostly just nursing the left breast. This has been going on for at least 6 weeks, more like 2 months.

    I don't want to let the right breast dry up if that's a bad idea, although it'd be awesome if I could just use the left! I've been pumping the right one a little bit to relieve it when it's too full, on an average pumping I get 3.5 oz just in the right breast, which is smaller and I know the supply is lower. Of course I'm sure that's an underestimate since she could probably get more out herself.

    I think the right has a slower flow and is anatomically different (I can tell), maybe she just doesn't like it?
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    Default Re: Breast refusal

    Hi! I'd just stop using the right one ... oh wait, I did! Haha, your post sounded like I was reading my own story! My second daughter is almost 9 months old now, and she's been exclusively left-side nursed since about 3 months old. I have no nipple on that side, so it was harder for her to get a good latch and get the milk out, so she greatly preferred the left side, and I just gradually let her go over to only that side and let the right "dry up." It sounds like you're almost there already if she only feeds once or twice a day from the right. I'd go for it, obviously. But let me tell you two things: I can't get it to dry up completely because it leaks like crazy whenever she nurses the left, so it's kind of annoying to always be dealing with leaking; and I'm pretty lopsided. But you'd probably expect that one!

    Good luck!

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    Yes, it could be that it's harder for her to latch onto the right breast for some reason, or that she gets impatient if the flow is slower.

    The main consideration with letting the right side dry up is just that you might feel lopsided. The right breast is likely to be smaller than the left, though how much smaller is pretty individual for different women.

    Your baby should be fine just nursing on one side (and it sounds like she already is for the most part). So you could let the right breast dry up, or you could nurse on the right side at night and on the left side during the day.

    Whatever you decide to do, your body and your baby will adjust to the new pattern.

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    Default Re: Breast refusal

    Why have it dry up? Just feed her while she is sleepy or sleeping. She won't refuse it in her sleep. And at 3.5 months she is still napping at least 3 times a day right? That give you at least 6 opportunities to nurse on that side throughout the day. Up & down or down and while asleep.

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