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Thread: Does Lansinoh cause fussing?

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    Default Does Lansinoh cause fussing?

    I had to stop using my lansinoh lanolin cream when we had thrush. Now I think the thrush is gone, but I noticed that my nipples are really dry so I thought I'd start using the lanolin again to avoid a recurrance of cracked sore nipples. It really seems like DS is gassier and fussier after nursing when I've used it. Could this just be a coincidence? After all, he is 7 weeks old and is fussy most evenings anyway...it just seems worse and longer lasting on the days I've been using Lansinoh. Am I imagining this?

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    The lanolin used in Lansinoh is food grade and very purified. Still, some people are allergic to it. You could try not using it and see if the problem stops. A little of your own milk rubbed into the nipple after feedings should do the same job. Actually, the best way to avoid cracked nipples is to make sure baby always has a good latch

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