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Thread: Number of daily feedings for 10 month old

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    Default Number of daily feedings for 10 month old

    My LO is now 10 months and I am wondering how many feedings of milk he needs per day. He eats 3 meals of solid food plus 2 snacks each day. I typically breast feed 4 times a day.

    I am planning at 12 months to keep breastfeeding for the first and last feeding of the day and have him self wean from those, but the 2 that are short and at 10 and at 2 I will replace with milk.

    So my question is...should I continue with the four feedings or does that decrease at all? Sometimes I think that if I didn't offer him milk at 10 and at 2 he wouldn't miss it.
    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Number of daily feedings for 10 month old

    hi mama! breast milk (or formula) should be the primary food until a year. weaning should START at 12 months, not before. so if you're just asking, what's best for him nutritionally? the answer is, continue to nurse him on demand, usually before meals, until a year. my 10 month old was nursing at least double what yours is.
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    Default Re: Number of daily feedings for 10 month old

    with the PP. Until a year, breastmilk (or formula) are supposed to be a baby's primary source of nutrition, with solids only "complementing" the baby's milk or formula intake. For most babies, it takes at least 8 feedings per day to ensure that they get most or all of their nutrition from breastmilk, though a few babies, generally those whose mothers are blessed with very robust milk supplies, make do with 5-6 feedings per day.

    So, if you're going to wean down to 2 nursing sessions per day, you should replace them with formula, not solids and not regular animal milk.

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