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Thread: To wake or not to wake

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    Default To wake or not to wake

    My LO and I have started to nurse at night since pumping is taking its toll on my sleep!! Last night went great! But I have a question...should I wake him once he is done to burp him?

    Also, since I nursed last night I woke up super engorged....why could this be?

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    Default Re: To wake or not to wake


    no need to wake him to burp.

    more nursing = more demand = more production ...
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    good idea to get more nursing in! Yes, no need to burp. If baby needs to burp, you will soon know anyway.

    I hope by engorged you mean very full, not rock hard?

    If you woke unusually full after one night of nursing rather than pumping, I suspect your baby did not remove as much milk as the pump usually does. Is this a problem? That I cannot say-but I would certainly give it a little more time before worrying about it.

    If you have been nursing at night for a few days, then I agree-your milk production is probably increased due to the stimulation from baby and maybe in part due to mom getting more rest/less stress overnight.

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    mine would sometimes wake up right away fussing if I didn't burp her. I had os and oald. I ;learned to burp her in her sleep just by sitting her up a bit.

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    I never burped my baby at night. Just placed him on my shoulder in an upright position, held for a minute or two, then carried back to his crib and layed him down. He was a terrible burper anyway; I usually couldn't get him to burp when he was wide awake. I guess it just depends on the baby. If not burping works for you, I'd go with it--no need to wake him up!

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