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Thread: need advice please, stressed!!

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    Default need advice please, stressed!!

    My baby girl is now 3 weeks old. She is my second child and I only breastfed my first for about a week so not much experience. My problems are that her latch is ok, but it still really hurts when she latches on and sometimes during feeding aswell. Ive noticed that her bottom lip is always tucked in and ive tried manually flipping it down but she hates me fiddling with her once shes on and she just moves her head back which results in a worse, more shallow latch. She also fusses at the breast alot and twists her head and body around alot and keeps moving her head back almost coming off my nipple but not quite, which really hurts. I think she is quite windy as she passes wind alot and sometimes while shes feeding I can hear the air going round in her tummy. What can I do about these problems? Is there anything I should avoid in my own diet to reduce her wind? Also she hasn't done a poo now for almost 2 days which I think is part of the problem why she squirms so much.
    I feel so drained from constantly feeding and during the night is always worse as we both get frustrated with the latching situation. Sometimes I feed her laying down but I find it hard to get a good pain free latch that way and sometimes I can't get her to latch at all. Ive been crying alot at night because im exhausted and I always think about giving up but the thought of giving up makes me even more upset because I really want to breastfeed!
    She also falls asleep alot at the breast, especially at night which is fine but sometimes I feel shes not getting a full feed so she will wake again around half an hour later.
    I would really appreciate so.e advice and id love to know at around what age things settle down into more of a routine?

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    Default Re: need advice please, stressed!!

    hi mama, congratulations!!

    there is a lot going on in your post so i will try to address some of the things.

    - many babies settle into a better routine after a 6 week growth spurt. there is also a 3 week growth spurt where they eat all. the. time. so her feeding half an hour after she quit? completely and totally normal. this is not a sign that she didn't get enough last time. it's just because her belly is so tiny and breastmilk digests so quickly. it is absolutely normal for babies this age to eat 10-12 times a day (or more!) and that will not necessarily be spread out evenly every 2 hours.

    - this tutorial really helped me learn how to sidelye nursing: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/tut-layingdown.htm

    - you say her latch is fine but pretty much everything you describe about it says it's NOT fine. it shouldn't hurt. so this is really somethign to work on, and it sounds like it's time for you to get hands-on help, either from a local LLL leader (who might do a home visit for free, depending on whether she can) or from a IBCLC (who will charge, maybe $100 for a very intense and long appointment) but it's WAYYYYY cheaper than formula

    - the pulling and fussing at the breast and the gas sounds like it might be oversupply. but then she should have had a poo or more. so maybe one of the more experienced mamas will pick up on this puzzle.
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    Default Re: need advice please, stressed!!

    Good advice from the PP.

    Questions for you:
    - How has baby's weight gain been so far? If you can post numbers that would be helpful.
    - How has her pee/poop output been up to this point?
    - When baby comes off the breast, what is the nipple shaped like? Is it symmetrical, like a pencil eraser, or asymmetrical/wedged/creased/shaped like a new lipstick?
    - How would you rate your milk supply- about right, or overabundant? (Signs of high supply include frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement, seeing milk spray or squirt from the breast if baby pulls off while nursing, fast feedings, baby making coughing, gagging, spluttering, or clicking noises while nursing)
    - Do you ever see the nipple turn white (blanch) after feedings, or perhaps a bluish purple?
    - Do you or baby have any of the following: oral thrush, diaper yeast rash, or vaginal yeast infection?
    - Have you had a recent course of antibiotics, including those given for GBS at birth?
    - Do you see any of the following in your breasts/nipples: flaking, peeling, shiny, or dry-looking skin, nipples appearing more red or pink than normal, blisters, or cracks? (Cracks may be small and slit-like.)
    - When do you have the most pain? When baby first latches on, at some point during the feeding, at the end of the feeding, or after the feeding is over?
    - How would you describe the pain- more of a pinching, or more of a burning?

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    Default Re: need advice please, stressed!!

    Thanks for your replies.
    She has now done about 3 poos since yesterday morning! Hooray!

    - Her weight gain has been fine so far, she was 8lb 1oz at birth, went down to 7lb 6 but by day 12 she was 8lb 2. She hasn't been weighed sincw then but im due to see the health visitor tomorrow so we will find out then.

    - her pee has been good, plenty of wet nappies. Poo has been on but sometimes she goes a while without doing one.

    - my nipple is normally new lipstick shaped and normally there is like a ridge on the top. This happens on both sides.

    -milk supply seems fine, at first she seems like she is getting alot and I can sometimes hear air going round her but then it either calms down or she might struggle or fuss a bit. My milk never squirts out when she comes off, but ny breasts do drip and leak before a feed if that particular breast is quite full.

    - ive never noticed the nipple go white. They stay pink but look slightly cracked in places and feel dry if I dont apply cream.

    - ive not had any antibiotics but did have mastitis in week one which I managed to feed through and clear. Its possible I could have vaginal thrush as im wearing sanitary pads which my body doesnt get on with! Neither of us have oral thrush.

    -it hurts most when she latches on and feels really sore. The pain feels like pinching. The pain then usually subsides unless she readjusts herself or pulls her head back or fusses. My nippleas also really hurt in the cold when im not feeding and my breasts often ache or have shooting pains when im not feeding.

    I have a local breastfeeding group which meets on a friday so I think I may go there and ask their advice also.

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