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Thread: My attempt at nightweaning a 2 and a half year old :(

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    Default My attempt at nightweaning a 2 and a half year old :(

    Last night was night 3. Night one and two were not too bad. DH was on board and DD was accepting of other sources of comfort after some fussing.

    Last night she went bezerk. Screaming and crying and not settling down. She refused to go to DH and was beating my chest and sobbing.

    I eventually gave in.

    I do not want to breastfeed at night.

    But I also could not hold a hysterically sobbing child. DH does not feel comfortable physically restraining her from being on me.

    She hardly let me sleep due to constant sucking (I have my period and it is very uncomfortable).

    And now I am tired and grumpy and would rather she never ever breastfeeds again. I feel defeated. I feel like my body is not mine. It is more than 5 years that I have been breastfeeding.

    I am feeling so done.

    I just don't know that I can deny her.

    I'm a mess.

    I am just so tired. And I want my body back.

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    Default Re: My attempt at nightweaning a 2 and a half year old :(

    That sounds like a really rough night! I'm so sorry, and I can totally understand why you'd have such negative feelings about nursing and about your own physical being. But it won't last forever, I promise!

    Does your LO accept limits on weaning during the day? Like if you tell her "we'll nurse later" or "I'll count to ten and then you have to be done", will she listen? Working on those limits might help with night-weaning, or at the very least with the permanent latch situation you had going on last night.

    Did you try lots of communication? Telling your LO before bed that "now it's sleep time, everyone sleeps all night long, we'll nurse again when the sun comes up" and reinforcing the lesson in the morning ("good morning, you did so well, you slept all night long, now let's nurse!") can be helpful when you're working on weaning a kid who is able to talk.

    Where does your LO sleep at night? Is she in a crib or a bed, and is she in your room or her own room? What was going down at bedtime? One thing that helped when I was night-weaning my second child was actually being in the room with her as she was going to sleep. I started out simply sitting in a chair by her crib, and then a few days later I moved to sitting in the middle of the room, and then I started sitting in the doorway, and finally the hallway outside her room...

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