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    I sometimes help my sister with feeding her 2 children (along with feeding my own 3), is this taking on too much? and does anyone else agree with shared feeding?

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    Moms helping other moms feed and care for their babies by cross-nursing is as old as the human species. Whether or not it works well depends on the moms and babies in question- for example, the mom of a mostly weaned older child whose milk supply is down to a trickle might have difficulty suddenly meeting the needs of a very hungry newborn who needs to nurse all the time. And caring for several nursings at once- well, caring for one can be exhausting, let alone several!

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    also since you're sharing bodily fluids, i'd want to make sure that we were on the same page as far as diet, drugs (legal and otherwise), vitamins, and health history. there's a reasonable risk of transferring HIV through breastmilk, for example.
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