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Thread: (Probably stupid) question about oversupply.

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    Default (Probably stupid) question about oversupply.

    so from everything I've read, when baby feeds more frequently he builds up your milk supply. My LO is 4 and half weeks and from birth he has nursed A LOT! Gaps between feeds are often less than an hour and a half and are pretty lengthy these days). he is putting on weight well and had plenty wet and dirty nappies. However, I seem to be suffering from oversupply - I get pretty engorged in between feedings and my leaking is out of control. Also have very fast letdown which I'm managing by using reclined positions. LO suffering from wind etc but regular burping seems to be helping him cope. I've read on la leche league and kellymom about managing supply so I'm just using the one breast for a feed (if he comes off but starts rooting again I offer the same one again). To be honest though I've generally only used one boob per feed because thats what LO has been happy with. However, my LO is still nursing very frequently and for quite a long time each feed. Will he be building my supply up even more? My boobs can't take it!

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    Default Re: (Probably stupid) question about oversupply.

    This seems pretty normal with that young an infant. I remember experiencing all of it and while you may, it turned out I did not have oversupply. Things settled down by about 2 or 3 months. You could pump a little when he's not eating or pump one side while he's nursing on the other and start freezing some milk. You definitely don't want to reach extreme discomfort lest that evolve to plugged duct and that evolve to mastitis.

    My daughter nursed constantly for 3 months and sometimes it felt like there was no break. Full time job!
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    Default Re: (Probably stupid) question about oversupply.

    with the PP. This all sounds normal, considering that you have such a young baby. I wouldn't do anything except be patient, and continue to use the reclined positions and single-sided feedings. This will probably all even out in a few weeks/months.

    Frequent feedings are normal for ALL babies, including those who have moms with oversupply. The 2 factors that drive milk production are feeding frequency AND how completely the baby empties the breast. Since you're doing one-sided feedings, you are probably leaving plenty of milk in the breast at all times, and this will signal your body to make less even as your baby continues to feed frequently.

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