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Thread: Night weaning without STTN?

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    Default Night weaning without STTN?

    DS is 12 months old and sleeps in a crib in his own room. He has recently dropped from about 5 wakings per night to 3. I always nurse him back to sleep.

    The last few nights, he has been waking as usual, but has no interest in nursing. I have been rocking him back to sleep, which he has NEVER let me do before. Could he actually be night weaning himself? I assumed that kids that night wean themselves do so by STTN? DS is just getting over a cold. Could that affect anything? It takes a lot longer to rock him to sleep than to nurse him, so I am actually not excited by this development. Although, I guess I could start sending DH in if it keeps up

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    Default Re: Night weaning without STTN?

    i found that all sorts of sleep things changed around then. i think it might be possible he's nightweaning himself, and certainly most mamas who choose to nightwean at some point (including me) don't find that it decreases wakings, at least not at first. it also might just be the cold. but i also wouldn't necessarily count on nursing to sleep being faster, from here on out ... it wasn't for us, once ds got a lot more aware and in control of himself.
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