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Thread: Herbs/Meds to Boost Supply

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    Will these erbs help me if I stoped breastfeeding for a week because of an antibiotic

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    If it's only been a week, you should be able to get your milk supply back up to what it was before. The key is removing milk from the breast VERY frequently, even if it's only a little at a time.

    The best way to increase supply is to nurse as much as possible. Put your baby to the breast as often and for as long as he or she will cooperate with! A hospital-grade pump may also be helpful if your baby is reluctant to nurse for any reason.

    There's not a lot of data to support the use of herbs to increase supply, although many moms say herbs have helped them, particularly fenugreek.

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    Have you taken the antibiotic yet, or are you about to? Many antibiotics can be taken while breastfeeding, with no or minimal risk to the baby. Many doctors have no idea what meds are safe during breastfeeding, nor do they bother to check, and so they recommend an overcautious approach.

    The infant Risk center can provide you with reliable information on medications: http://www.infantrisk.com/, by phone Monday-Friday 8am-5pm central time at (806)-352-2519.

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