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Thread: How much water

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    Default How much water

    Rougly how much water should I be drinking in a day to keep up good production, I work for a very busy company and find myself for getting to drink water and I know if I have an amount in mind I will be better at drinking that amount.

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    Generally we just say drink to thirst. Your milk supply won't be affected unless you get extremely dehydrated.

    But yes, it can be hard to remember to drink water or even notice that you're thirsty when you're really busy. Some moms find it helpful to fill a container of water at the beginning of the day (perhaps 32 oz or 1 liter) and keep it on hand to remind them to drink it.

    You could experiment to see how much water is the right amount for you in a day. You don't need to force fluids to maintain your milk supply.
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    I agree with Karen...what if you tried keeping a water bottle close by so whenever you feel even a little thirsty, you take a sip. Maybe buy or make a bottle holder you can wear over your shoulder if you are running around a lot.

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    generally the hydration guideline is if your urine is clear or almost clear, and not very smelly, then you're hydrated enough!
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    I read somewhere that we should be drinking 4 liters a day but man that is way too much!! I tried it and it didnt work. I switch to just having a water bottle handy in the fridge for whenever I am thristy.
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