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Thread: OMGosh my nipple hurts!

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    Default OMGosh my nipple hurts!

    It hurts when I pump and when I nurse!!

    Ok... My LO is 10mo, and we had latching issues at the beginning but then it got better and we haven't had any issues after that, even with her having 5 teeth, and started teething at 4 mo.

    But, the other night she clamped down so hard that she actually made a little cut on my left nipple, where the nipple and areola join. That was at the beginning of the week and I didn't care much about it until now. It's not healing and it hurts all.day.long, nursing, pumping and just doing nothing I feel some pain.

    This morning I searched the forum for some tips for this kind of issues and I did dip my breast in a baking soda/warm water mix and also in salt/ water mix after I nursed. But I have to work and pump at work so I can't really do that after pumping here...

    It's bleeding every time I pump (and probably when I nurse but I can't see). Is there anything I can do besides the salt water stuff? Can I put anything there to heal faster that wont hurt the baby? I'll put some lanolin after I pump, but that helped little at the beginning when I had cracked nipples.


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    Default Re: OMGosh my nipple hurts!

    Maybe try some All Purpose Nipple Ointment (per Dr. Jack Newman)? That's what helped when I had cracks, plus it has an anti-bacterial component that will help prevent infection, which could lead to mastitis. You do need a script for it and to have the pharmacy mix it up for you, but any Dr familiar with breastfeeding should easily write it for you. If you can't get the script, you can mix some yourself (not as good but works) with 1/2 part polysporin (not neosporin) 1/2 part miconazole/lotrimin, and add some hydrocortizone cream or ointment, which provide the steroid component to speed up healing. No need to wipe before nursing/pumping unless you've applied an excessive amount. Also, when I needed to use salt water on-the-go, I premixed the solution in a small tupperware container, then used cotton balls to dip in the container, then apply to the nipple area. Just make sure not to contaminate the salt water mix. Dump at the end of the day and mix new for next day. It won't be "warm," but room temp should be fine. After drying, then apply APNO. I'd use some disposable nursing pads until things heal up, as well, kinda like a boob band-aid. Hope things get better!

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