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Thread: SOS! lipase!

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    I just discovered that my expressed milk tastes like Ivory soap. My son will take a bottle, frozen or fresh, but I'm starting to freak out that I'll need to toss everything in my freezer and scald all newly pumped milk.
    Right now, I'm pumping for a few weekend events, and for his rice cereal. He's been digging in to the cereal with freshly (within 24 hours) expressed and frozen, so he doesn't mind the taste. He's 6 months today, and has taken a bottle since week 8 or 9.

    If it doesn't bother him, is it "bad?"

    Is there anything I can do, dietarily, to make my milk less soapy?

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    the milk is not bad for the baby. its just that many babies wont take it because of the taste. i would say that you can scald the milk you are planning on freezing. there is a good sticky in the pumping session on this. basically the bottle warmer method works well and is pretty easy. i used to use glass jars to scald in but they cracked twice and i couldnt take losing the milk so i switch to just scalding in plastic medela ones. even though i wasnt happy about scalding it became part of my routine. i did not scald fresh milk, we just sent in fresh milk for the next day at daycare. i did scald milk on friday and then take out older bags from the freezer on sunday for monday and start the whole cycle over.
    'theres no evidence that you can do anything to change the lipase issue. so many of us have it. and we work with it, try to think that normally in nature a mom doesnt pump milk out and store it. theres nothing wrong with the milk.

    here is a good link for info: http://simplyrebekah.com/2010/05/03/...g-breast-milk/

    btw i did rice cereal with my older son and found it was not necessary. i did BLS with my second and was so much happier. just wanted to mention that in case you are interested.

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